Vomito Negro

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Label: Scanner
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VOMITO NEGRO was formed by Gin Devo in 1982, and over the next years these EBM pioneer established a name for itself as uncompromising aural architect, combining power with emotion, EBM with vision.

VOMITO NEGRO is latin (portuguese/spanish) for "black vomit", the last
stage of the disease yellow fever, when the patient throws up his
putrefied intestines and ultimately dies. Macabre? One might consider
VOMITO NEGRO"s interest in the darker side of the human condition as
unhealthy, but in fact it is fuelled by a desire to cope with and to
understand life (and consequently, death) as we know it.
VOMITO NEGRO handle their topics with grim sarcasm and/or
penetrating personal involvement; under the surface however, they give
way to a message of redemption, passion and purification.
From the start on, flexibility is one of VOMITO NEGRO"s major
qualities.Vomito Negro is never content with a certain formula: their
musical approach, essentially based on the European "Industrialist"
tradition of the early eighties, takes a different angle with every record.
Tracing back their history through albums as diverse as "Vomito
Negro" (their haunting debut from 1985) to "Wake Up" (1992) one hears growth
and evolution in Vomito Negro"s varied soundscapes.
Vomito Negro"s synthesized psychodramas range from danceable to
contemplative, from instrumental and ambient to voice-ridden and brutal.
Live, the sound and the imagery of Vomito Negro"s stage are an
inescapable force setting alight the imagination of the listener/spectator.
After the album "Fireball"(2002) VOMITO NEGRO was put on hiatus. In
2008, Gin Devo decided that it was time to wake up the beast again,
VOMITO NEGRO recorded the double album "Skull & Bones" & "The
2K10 re-makes".
Tracks like "Black Tie, White Shirt" and "Darkmoon" were already tested
on the crowd of the WGT Festival 2009, in Leipzig and the Bimfest in
Antwerpen. Just after its release "Skull & Bones" entered the German
Alternative Charts (DAC) in tenth position, only to climb further up to the
second position one week later. Meanwhile the remake version of their
club classic "Move Your Body (V2K10)", entered the DAC"s single charts
shooting up to the 13th place.
In times where every band that puts together tracks using a standard
sound module and vocal distortion in their bedroom is hyped as the new
hope in the "Harsh Electro" or "Dark Electro" genre, an album like "Skull
And Bones" feels like a cleansing shock. Belgian legend VOMITO
NEGRO, who have been active since the mid Eighties, still celebrate
their sound with an intensity, creativity and passion that makes most
recent hard Electro projects sound like a weekend trip to Disneyland.
The spirit of "Skull And Bones" is of the deepest black... no hope, no
mercy! Rhythmic loops are thudding relentlessly under dark sound
scapes and the heavily manipulated shouts leave no room for sunny
feelings. Even after being active for more than a quarter of a century,
VOMITO NEGRO are still a trademark name for a club compatible trip to
h e l l t h a t i s b o u n d t o s t i r u p , u n s e t t l e a n d e l e c t r i f y.
In 2010 VOMITO NEGRO released the EP "Slave Nation" after a short
period the album entered the German electro web-charts to stay there
for 8 weeks.
In 2013 VOMITO NEGRO released “Fall of an Empire” an un
compromised album that has nothing to do with the trend of cyber
In 2014 VOMITO NEGRO releases the masterpiece “Death Sun”, once
and for all, VOMITO NEGRO goes his own way on the sonic pallet, the
sound of VOMITO NEGRO is unique, the only in his kind.
With “Death Sun” VOMITO NEGRO did the job, only using electronic
hardware, no plug ins or software was used to produce the album.
Live, VOMITO NEGRO stands for a never seen punch of electro power,
hammering sequences, pumping live percussion, harsh synths, and
vocals that will blow your brain out.

Entitled VÖ 2021-04-09 (Scanner - SCAN 154 - CD)
CD Album - Digipak - Limited Edition - SCAN 154
EAN : 4250137208121
SCANNER / Dark Dimensions Label Group
Release Date : 09.04.2021

Das Album mit dem Titel "Entitled" enthält unveröffentlichte Vomito Negro-Werke aus den Anfangsjahren.
Alle Titel wurden neu arrangiert, neu aufgenommen und neu gemastert.

The "Entitled" album contains unreleased Vomito Negro works from the early years.
The tracks are re-arranged, re-recorded and re-mastered.

Tracklisting :

1. Ongoing Patterns
2. In Strikt Tempo
3. Something Must Break
4. Black Point
5. Blood Fever
6. Weak
7. Murk
8. 23 Days
Black Plague VÖ 2017-11-24 (Scanner - SCAN 134 - CD)
Vomito Negro sind mit dem neuen Meisterwerk "Black Plague” zurück.
Entstanden aus der Finsternis, nehmen Euch Gin Devo & Sven Kadanza mit auf eine Reise zu den Spielplätzen der Dämonen.
Mörder, Monster und böse Geister klopfen an die Tore der Hölle.
”Black Plague” entfesselt auch die bösen Geister in dir.
Vomito Negro's Black Plague, einmal infiziert gibt es keinen Weg zurück ...

Echte analoge Instrumente wurden von den Vintage Meister des Dark Electronics bis zum äußersten ausgereizt.

Black Plague erscheint am 24.11.2017 über Scanner Dark Dimensions.

Vomito Negro returns with there New Masterpiece "Black Plague"
Arisen from the Darkness, Gin Devo & Sven Kadanza, take you Down to the ultimate Playground of there fellow Demons.
Murderers, Monsters and Evil Spirits are knocking on the Gates of Hell.
Black Plague unleashes the most Haunted Ghosts inside you.

Vomito Negro's new Black Plague, once Infected there is no way Back...

Real Analogue instruments driven to the Limit by the Vintage Masters of Dark Electronics.
Black Plague will be released on the 24th of Nov. 2017 via Scanner / Dark Dimensions.

Tracklist :

1.Constantine's Death
2.Inside Your Brain
3.Black Plague
4.Sister Voodoo
5.Pagan Epitaphs
7.Bone Cutter
8.Hungry Cannibals
9.Unleash my Demons
Death Sun VÖ 2014-03-28 (Scanner - SCAN 109 - CD)
Streetdate : 28.03.14

Tracklisting :

01 Time
02 Stain
03 Fighting The Force
04 Obsession
05 In Silent Places
06 White Lights
07 King Of Thieves
08 Nairaland
09 Angel Fire